Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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It's a beautiful Wednesday morning and the Bus is safely parked in front of Ryan's house, about 10ft from the wood shop.  Now the work can really pick up steam and I am very excited about that.  The move went off without a hitch, though it did take us a few tries to get out of the dirt and onto the pavement because it was a nice seep little hill and the ground was wet and covered with leaves, which made the tires spin out.  Nothing that some backing up and gaining momentum can't fix.  We decided not to use the ramps just yet because of 'neighborhood watch' concerns.  I think it will be highly advantageous to use them during the construction of darkroom surfaces and affixing the the counter top.

In other news - my trusty 97 Toyota Camry that is parked out front is not doing so well at all.  Let it be noted that it does have 249.400 miles on the odemeter and I was really looking forward to that 250K.  Alas, the grueling schedule of having to go up and down I-17 did not agree with her system and the recent trip to San Diego really drove her into the ground.  The transmission is shot and this was the last time she climbed up a steep hill.  Now I know I can only make it to the mechanics shop downhill, but no further.
On one hand I have not had to deal with a 'broken car situation' for over a decade and I am flabbergasted!  It's demoralizing and cruel.  On the other hand I am eternally grateful to my car - it held off until the last possible moment and started showing signs of complete failure only withing the last few miles of the house.  It did not break down over the last few days, making me stranded in San Diego.  Neither did it break down on the way there or back, stranding me even worse somewhere on the freeway at night.  It chose to carry me diligently to the Bus to enable the project to proceed. 
Now comes the age-old question - do you replace a transmission in an old car or let it go?  I think if Dick Chaney got a new (slightly used) heart, then my Toyota deserves a new (slightly used) transmission!  Am I right?

Now - off to Mikey's RV center, Home Depot, Southern Lumber and West Marine.  We are working on plumbing and gas, plus starting the walls for the darkroom, pictures coming soon.


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