Monday, April 16, 2012

Yesterday - wood, drilling and tile.

Stayed up working till 3am again last night.  Night time seems to be the creative hour.

The last of the wood for the tables had been glued together and the bottom of it lacquered.  Here is a rare look at the underside of our future dining table.  It will end up being 27x27in and this side will be permanently glued onto another 3/4in thick piece of wood today and so this is the last time it will ever see daylight.  Finishing wood is a lengthy and laborious process and I hope I can get all the surfaces finished in 2 weeks.

Meanwhile, late at night, standing in a crane pose, Ryan is drilling 1in angled iron for the support of that future table.  He got some experience while building a support structure for the batteries and now, I believe, might be ready to fit them by the end of today.

While he was at it I did have time to set and grout the tiled surface around the stove.  This is very close to what our miniature kitchen will look like.

Let's see how far we can get today.


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