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Update 7/13/12

It's been a while since I updated this page and the first leg of construction is long-since been finished, though I'll be dotting the Is and crossing the Ts for a while even on that...  In the end, my initial budgeting was surprisingly precise - without the Kickstarter funding I was only able to personally finance the lower part of The Bus as I envision it and not the top level or the fold-out studio on the side.  That will have to come into fruition in the near future when the funds may be replenished via one way or another.  As it is right now - the photo palace has a very comfortable traveling/living quarters for 1 person with a possibility of another full-time rider who would be willing to rough it to some degree.  Upon full completion it will have space for 3-5 individuals to be present on board at any time, which will allow me to have a full-time staff and host resident artists for extended periods of time.

Here are some more images for posterity's sake - if you wish you could probably find all these images in individual posts from a few months ago and there they may have more detailed accounts of what went on during that particular stage of construction.  If you don't want to dig though all the posts, then browse here and get a compressed look at the work that Ryan and I did in 4 months time.

The images below are completely out of timeline order - again, if you'd like to see them chronologically, please refer to the postings on in the blog section.

 Anton Orlov

Update 3/19/12

Well... This page went on without for a while, didn't it?  Meantime work continued and now we have a good portion of the front space done. Here is a bundle of images - some of them may have been posted in individual posts so look out for the ones you have not seen yet.

Anton Orlov

Update 2/22/12

Bench is 80% complete, bathroom wall frames are up

Anton Orlov

Update 2/18/12

Concept Sketch - some proportions are a bit off and the exact color scheme is still to be worked out, but here is a black and white rough draft of what The Photo Palace Bus will entail once the construction is complete.  Click on the image to see a bit more detail, but don't get too attached to particulars as the creative process of building may take the design in unexpected directions.

Anton Orlov

Update 2/5/12

Anton came with one of our supporters Greg McMahon (who took the picture of us) to bring up the flat-file as well as put in the newly arrived water tanks. Plumbing is an important staple for any darkroom and a mobile darkroom is no exception. The tanks were ordered custom to fit in our cargo bay below the floor.

The larger tank is for fresh water which will serve the darkroom print washer, chemical dilutions, and the kitchen/bathroom utilities. The smaller tank is our grey water tank. Together the tanks  hold 135 gallons of water. Of, course, they won't both be full at the same time.
   Only one more tank to go. The Black tank. We want everything involved with that tank to go as smooth as possible.

Anton Orlov

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