Tintype and Ambrotype - Wet Plate Collodion Work

  I have already written quite a bit about this process, but here's a very quick synopsis.  Wet plate photography was practiced between 1851 and mid 1880s, though in some aspects it survived well into the 20th century.  Each image is made by hand on aluminum or glass plate, which must be coated, sensitized, exposed and processed before collodion layer dries. Final image is unique and is comprised of particles of pure silver.  After varnishing to protect it from oxidation the plate will last hundreds of years.

  I learned plate process in 2013, and since then have dedicated my time to almost no other medium (with exception of daguerreotype).  Be it at studio or while driving across country, I enjoy materializing bits of memory and history, by crafting timeless impressions of silver.  I've taught numerous private and group workshops, and gladly offer those both on location and in my San Diego studio.  Wet plate is also a great medium for a genuinely different photo booth experience for any occasion, and doing that work connects me deeper to the traveling photographers of the past, who immortalized our ancestors in tintypes in our family albums.   

  Here are but a few examples of my work.  


Blues Man - Studio Portrait

Gabe - Studio Portrait

Family - Studio Portrait

Jozlynn - Studio Portrait

Couple Portrait at Renaissance Fair

Body Builder

Friends At Adams Ave Fair

Wedding Portrait Session

Engagement Session

Photo Booth 

Music Album Cover Art

Sword Swallower - Studio Portrait


Quiet Pond - 4x5in

Abandoned Desert Motel - 4x5in

AZ Petroglyphs - 4x5in

Still With Rhino - 4x5in

Berlin Wall - 4x5in

Vianden Castle - 4x5in
Bruges Horses - 1/4 plate

Eifel Tower - 4x5in

Anza Borego Desert - 4x5in

Anza Borego Desert - 4x5in

By Half Moon Bay - 4x5in

Pines - 4x5in

Self Portrait at Oceanside Drive In - 4x5in

Flowers - 4x5in

Still With Camrea - 4x5in

Imperial Beach Pier - 4x5in

Bat Leaf - 1/6th plate

From San Diego River Series - 4x5in

Olympic National Forest, WA - 8x10in

Grand Tetons National Park - 8x10in

River Root - 8x10in

Glacier National Park - 8x10in

Yosemite Valley - 4x5in


  1. I love your landscape work .. really lovely

  2. So good to meet you this afternoon in Redwood Park...