Sunday, April 15, 2012

Power UP! (Last few days.)

Well, the last few days have involved a flurry of activity and spending associated with it. I have been working until 1 to 3 am every night, so I apologize for the lack of updates.  Indeed this update consists of images taken over the course of the last few days and lacks today's progress - of which we made plenty.
The biggest and most exciting part of for me had been the purchase of the batteries (and today's completion by Ryan of a very sturdy cage in which they will be nestled).  Two 6V 435 Amp/hour deep cycle flooded Trojans. That, in combination with the 650W sine wave inverter that was acquired from Fry's, should keep the enlargers going steady and for a while.  Alas, unlike what the sign in the picture reads - these batteries were far from free...

Among other progress - the last piece of birch paneling is up.  Here is Ryan next to the  clamped 'OG bench'.
Also the shower is taking shape - here are two consecutive views of it from previous two nights.  Right now the last of the silica is drying up and we are banking on it being water-proof.

At this moment - the glue is drying between the pieces of wood we just joined for the dining table, paint is drying on the L-brackets that Ryan made for the above mentioned table and and the tiles around the stove are drying up before being grouted tomorrow.  Tomorrow should there should be some progress... Oh, wait, that's today already! Better hit the hay.


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