Monday, April 9, 2012

Photo Update

It's been a little while since I updated this.  Hope everyone had a good time last weekend, whether or not they celebrate Easter.  Here's what had a chance to develop on The Photo Palace Bus.

We started putting in fresh water supply using this very picturesque hose, its photogenic quality being only a bonus as it is food-grade and can withstand temperatures down to -50°F.

Here are two successive images of the cargo bay.  Images are taken two days apart and you can see the spread of fresh water hose and the arrival of the black water tank. The tank is currently undergoing testing - it's holding water that we poured into it last night and seems to be doing good.

The shower is being enclosed and Ryan made a miniature ski jump that will extend the amount of available elbow room. 

And, finally, we are putting down the side paneling on all the surfaces in the front space and it's starting to come together as well.

Looking forward to a productive week.  The goals are to get propane system in order and to start on electrical ASAP.


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