Saturday, April 21, 2012

Quick late-night update - now with video.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Past couple of days have been filled with electrical work, finishing the table tops and planning the darkroom.

Here are a couple of shots of what Ryan's been up to.  First one shows the splitters that will go on the Ts of every circuit and the second one is him caught in the act stuffing electrical wire into the plastic corrugated tubing:

Here are a two images of the table tops being glued to the supports - images taken about 4 hours apart.  It took about 20 minutes for both of us to set them together after I put the glue on, then the glue sets for 3 hours and then the sanding of the extra glue starts.  Sanding is a pain in the neck, but I like it - very meditative and precise.

This is something to see though.  For those of you who have never stained or lacquered wood I decided to record this short video of me pouring oil finish on top of one of our flamed maple tops.  Amazing how much it changes if you just jump from first frame to last.
(warning - this video is
 terribly web-compressed obscuring detail)

All 4 tables are now at Westside Woodworks being finished with a water-based clear-coat.  I hope they look as good as I imagined them from the start - we'll find out by the end of the week.

The darkroom is all planned - all we need is a good cleaning session.  I'm going to attempt a day of deep-cleaning tomorrow, but if I don't get too far then professionals might have to be called in - there is 34-years worth of crud in some never-before reachable places... We are not about to start off our journey carrying that gunk around!


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