Daguerreotype Work

  Daguerreotype was the very first photographic technique introduced to the world in 1839 and practiced through 1860s.  Each plate in completely unique.  Images are made on a plate of pure silver and are made of amalgam of particles of silver and mercury coated with gold to preserve them.
   A Daguerreotype is a photographic OBJECT that has weight and presence.  There is no way to translate on a computer screen how beautiful these objects are - one must hold them in hand and see the light play upon the silver.  They have an almost holographic feel with values and tones changing as one looks at them at different angles.
  This is a galley of my work with daguerreotype process.  It is a very demanding and labor-intensive technique and I am still striving to perfect my skills, however I do feel very good about how the images below turned out.  To get a brief idea of what is involved in making a true mercury-developed daguerreotype image please see a video at the bottom of this page.

Jozlynn, 1/6th plate 

Homage to Irving Penn #1, 4x5

Homage to Irving Penn #2, 4x5

Homage to Irving Penn #3, 4x5

Homage to Irving Penn #4, 4x5

Balboa Park 1/6th plate

Still Life with Equipment - Hand Colored 4x5in

Fred, 1/6th plate

View Down Howard St., 1/6th plate

Still Life with Pomegranate, 1/4plate

Robert, 1/6th plate

Still Life with Ambrotype, 1/4 plate

 North Park Water Tower, 4x5

Justin, 1/6th plate

Jozlynn, 4x5 2015 Becquerel Daguerreotype

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