Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest greatest news.

Praise all holy - we got permission from the home owners association to move the bus to Ryan's house for OME WHOLE MONTH!!! By golly this is great news indeed. This is really how it was intended to be from the start - wood shop and all the tools needed will now be only five feet away from the Gillig. Here is the catch though - originally thinking that this would be the arrangement from the beginning, I alotted myself three months to finish the work, now we have to do it all in one month!

Those of you who have followed the progress on here may think that we are making good progress... Or you may think that we are dragging our feet - neither are really true in my humble opinion. I think we are really doing better than we could be doing considering the huge monkey wrench that the while parking-off-site-situation has been in our operation. A lot got done, but more importantly a lot more is planned and now that we will have 24 hour access to the bus I feel a wave of activity coming on.
Now the goal is to get the first floor done with all appliances functioning by the end of April. The. Time will come for the upstairs, there are still some questions about how that's going to come together... Here comes a really Intense month!

For now I'm going to call it a day and tomorrow go to San Diego and do my taxes like a good obedient citizen. Today I did pick up our table - all done and ready for finishing touches To be done by us. It looks wonderful - Jim Sweeney is a really great guy and did a wonderful job. Now all we have to do is sand it down to 600 grit and put a few coats of oil on it and we'll have a surface worth the art that will be displayed upon it.  Here is a shot of the book-matched table tops awaiting being cut and one of Jim cutting the surfaces on his beautiful table saw.

Also today, after we hit the news of the bus moving, I spent over an hour making a temporary ramp that will hoist front tires of the bus 18 inches up because we want it on a level surface to finalize the work. Used 4x12in firm beams - had to cut them from two 12ft long ties - good times! Here is a picture of the beasts that will support the front end of The Photo Palace come Tuesday.  Pardon the digital iPhone grain in the image - it was taken well past sunset and the camera was struggling...

During the breaks I made a small frame that will hold our water heater in place in the cargo bay.
Ryan cut some angled iron and thus made the fixtures that will tie the black water tank and water pump to the I-beams that run undated the bus - major pieces of metal, so we might as well make good use of them and make than carry stuff.

OK, this is enough of a novel for tonight.

April is going to be great!



  1. I'm pulling for you and your project. I'm the only person I know of that still shoots 35mm. There's just something amazing about it that digital doesn't quite do justice to.

    1. Thanks Aluvrianne! Keep on keeping on - that's the motto!
      Film is no more dead than oil painting and sculpture. Sure we have Epsons and now 3-D printers, but there will always be room for Art, and real Art has the hand of the creator in every piece. Print in the darkroom and each sheet you process carries a part of you.