Monday, March 19, 2012

Work continues under the covers.

  Rain or shine - work has to go on.

  Yesterday I had a great pleasure of visiting my friend Garry Belinsky - I met him a long time ago in San Diego and he was the one who pointed out SJSU as the only state (read as 'affordable') school in CA that offers B.F.A. degrees in photography (vs. a plain simple B.A.).  We moved to the Bay Area in 2003 and even were roommates for the first 6 months.  He is a great photographer with a unique vision and has also made himself well known on the commercial assistant field around here.  We talked darkroom most of the time and probably completely bored his girlfriend.

  On the way back from visiting him I picked up a few more things for The Photo Palace Bus, which were kindly delivered to San Jose from San Diego by Quynh Ha - another SJSU photo friend who happened to be going there for a short trip.  She photographs cars and is planning on a brave step of uprooting herself from the Bay Area and moving somewhere for a fresh new scene.  That will be exciting for her and I wish her the best.  Quynh brought with her 2 40x50in gelatin silver prints that I plan on making into 4 swinging doors that will go on the front of the counter.  2-part epoxy is a wonderful (and wonderfully messy and toxic) thing. She also brought with here our black water tank that was sent to San Diego instead of Los Gatos by a careless eBay seller.
  Many thanks are due to Amanda Beam who helped out with getting all the stuff together for Quynh and who in general has been very supportive of The Photo Palace Bus from the get-go. 

  Here is what our counter looks like at this point. This was all done during the rain period.  The harsh lighting can be attributed to the industrial flood light that has to be used while the rain-proofing tarp is over the bus - without it our bus is the 'bus-of-perpetual-dusk'.


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