Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Relatively productive day.  No pictures to show for it though, sorry - sometimes work gets in the way of documentation.

Morning started off with finishing the closet door - sanding two part epoxy is no fun and the dust is terribly fine, so if you ever do it (and I do recommend it as it looks really cool), make sure to follow the instructions and be back in the amount of time they tell you to be back in after pouring it to wipe off the drips.

Then Ryan and I went down off the hill to Home Depot and Orchard and bought the things we need to start the gas delivery system. Two of the three appliances that are gas-related are here already.  We had the stove for a while, water heater arrived yesterday (slightly damaged in shipping by UPS) and I am still deciding on the type of a space heater that I would want to get.  We also got the fixings to hook up our black water, so hopefully by tomorrow evening it can be installed.

After we got back I sanded and put the second coat of lacquer on the counter frame to the sounds of Pink Floyd, very meditative and relaxing (or was that just the fumes from the spar varnish...?).

Upon return I did a little cutting of wood and metal to prepare the parts for the black water tank installation - cutting 3/8in threaded rod is no fun, it's very loud and the vibrations are tough to deal with, but it's done.  I do love working on a vertical press drill!  Maybe I'll be a machinist in my next life... No, wait, by then only robots will be doing that and I don't want to be a robot! I'll be a darkroom photographer again - there will still be darkrooms in the future if Photo Palace can help it.

Have a good night everyone,

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