Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ceramic flashback

I have to admit - working with clay is not exactly like riding a bicycle, it doesn't come right back.  That said, here is a picture of the future bathroom sink.  I'm having fun making it though - it's taking me back to 2005 and SJSU days.  Perhaps I'll visit and say hi to Monica and Stan there and see how the new layout looks since they moved the kilns from the second floor out to the yard.  I got to admit it was pretty crazy back in those days - over a half dozen kilns in one giant room, including raku...  Being able to have buckets of flaming newspaper indoors while doing raku was especially thrilling.  Too bad I can't do raku for this sink - raku is an ancient Japanese tradition of firing clay originally designed for a tea ceremony and, I guess, ceremonial tea cups that are used only once are not required to keep water, so vessels treated this way are slightly porous and will slowly seep.  Great fun to do though if you like handling 1200°F with tongs.


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