Saturday, March 3, 2012

A few more purchases are made + old friends come into the picture.

Visiting San Diego this weekend for a couple of days while Ryan is enjoying some fresh snow in Tahoe.

Ryan and I found a fridge that would fit the Bus needs (minimal, but will do). We found it on the internet, but after some price checking found out it would be logical to pick one up from the warehouse here rather than having one shipped since I needed to make a trip down here anyhow.  Here's the vessel that will cool our film (I doubt it will ever see as much food as depicted here unless we have special guests...):
 Also at the same place was found an efficient water pump which will supply the water to the darkroom and sometimes to four other locations withing The Photo Palace - Shureflo 3.0GPM.  These are pretty nifty - very quiet and energy efficient:

 Last, but not least (though probably most unsightly) we purchased a perfect black water tank the picture of which I will spare you from seeing.  Let's just say we are going to have plenty if refuse space, so no worries there.

  After that shopping spree I decided to be brave and waltz into a random but classy RV sales place and ask them a few straight questions about various things that are done routinely on RVs, but of which neither Ryan nor I know of as we are not experienced in this field.  Needless to say I was a bit nervous as car salesman are not the kindest bunch and I was envisioning a lukewarm response from guys who deal in $100K+ vehicles to someone like myself, who is not even in the market for one of their trade-ins.  Off course I picked out a very large dealership off I-52, one with all the Airstreams and other shiny huge buses displayed in a big lot...
  I was wonderfully surprised though when the first sales guy I made eye contact with upon walking in the front door raised his hands in greeting and proclaimed: "Anton! Good to see you buddy!"  Turns out of all the RV places in the entire San Diego area I chose to walk into the one where Andres (a friend of mine from years back) has been working for the past year and a half. I actually remember him telling me got that job, but I did not know that it was that particular huge lot.
  Needless to say I had a wonderful experience poking around various RVs, asking all sorts of weird random questions to which I am sure nobody else would care to give me answers to, and getting all kinds of information on where to get custom and non-custom parts.  To top it off Andres promised to help me select and order the parts through his dealership so we might (or might not) get some sort of a small discount, which will help.  Next big purchases are batteries and a water heater and that's coming right up.

 Tomorrow night - back to the Bay Area and back to working on the Bus.  Next week - dry fit on gray water and fresh water plumbing!


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  1. Hmm.. pure coincidence that your friend was there at that exact place in that exact moment? I love synchronicity! That's a good sign.