Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Plumbing is starting to be defined.

Who knew that plumbing can be such a frustrating feat!  It seems that in every store we visit there are various fittings/hoses/clamps of different shapes/sizes and NONE of them fit together in the same store - half the stuff is bought in one place, half in another and another half in the third place.  In case You, my dear reader, are counting, that leaves us with 50% leftover parts that end up confusing us as much as this post is confusing You.  In spite of this we did manage to get the gray water system up and it's pretty much ready to be glued together and become permanent.  How does it look?  Makes any sense?

Currently waiting on food grade hose for the fresh water.  Pump will be ready for pick-up on Friday.  Counter should be starting to be cut tomorrow and so are the frames to go on top of the wall structures.... Building The Photo Palace is a lot of work, but we love it!



  1. There’s a rainbow always after the rain! All the plumbing may take some time and all, but when everything’s all fixed, it’s going to be worth it. Best of luck with The Photo Palace! ;)

    - Esmeralda Hepfer

    1. I agree with Esmeralda. No goal is attained without enthusiasm, :) and it doesn't just goes for plumbing but with other things as well. I remember when I had my most terrible test in college! I was really sweating profusely at the last page, but the sleepless nights of studying really paid off. What a relief!

      Kurt Verdejo

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  3. Well, that is the complicated practice that is plumbing. There are so many fixtures and so many parts that it becomes all too difficult to find all the parts you need for the kind of system you want to build. Makes you wonder how all these plumbing professionals actually find out which item should go in which fixture, and so forth. In any case, I think it does look like it will be able to function pretty well. Pretty complicated stuff you’re doing there, but it does seem like it will work!

    Darryl Iorio

  4. This is such good news! The important thing is that you guys have been having great progress. Your water pipe is looking good. I suppose the installation is done by now, so, how was it? After all the problems that you guys encountered with the whole process, I hope it was a huge success. =)

    Jaye Conaway