Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meeting with Renecca Feind

Today I met with one of our wonderful supporters - Rebecca Feind. She is a Liaison to Art. Design and Philosophy at SJSU and is a very active in the Bay Area art scene in the supporting and guidance role.  We discussed possibilities of The Photo Palace Bus becoming a non-profit organization vs. an LLC that is a fiscal affiliate of another established non-profit.  There is a lot to learn about it and tomorrow I am planing a trip to the Foundation Center in San Francisco to dive deeper into the mystery of legal world.  Rebecca was kind enough to offer us assistance to writing proposals and contacting possible donors - we are eternally grateful for that!

Here is how our baby looks now - we installed the last wall of the bathroom (it was beaten into perfect position with a 2x4 and is now wedged so tightly under the ceiling that I don't think we even needed to put any ties into the adjacent studs, but we did anyhow to make the whole thing as strong as possible.  Now if anyone bumps into that free-standing corner they may be quite surprised by how sturdy it is.  The rest of the linoleum is out on the drivers side and now the floor is clear to begin construction of the counter.  Also the supports for the shelving above the print file bench are up and ready for shelf installation. 

To be continued.


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