Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rewards are in the mail.

Just got back from the post office where I mailed out the reward prints for those who chose to re-donate after the kickstarter campaign ended.

Sent off a whole bunch of gelatin silver post cards both vintage (printed on Kodak Bromide G3 Fiber) and modern (on Ilford RC Pearl):

Two prints were made in an edition of 3 each.  8x8 image of the rear of the bus on the day we met:

And a selected image from Japan, again in edition of 3.  I decided to go all out for these and print them with Lith developer, which gives a brown tone to the image and makes it look more vintage.  Old Oriental Seagull paper was used to make these prints - I found it appropriate as the paper was manufactured in Japan.  The rough surface texture is very much reminiscent of Agfa 118 surface:

The prints were spotted to perfection.  One specular highlight was left un-retouched in the Japan print, but it's actually in the image and I don't spot out things that actually exist in real life.

I hope these prints will be enjoyed as much by the people that receive them as they were by me while I printed them.  All the donations that we managed to raise will be spent in the next week or so....  We do hope to see a few more generous people who can afford to pitch in. 

Thank You,
Anton Orlov.

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