Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1st 2012 - First day of the rest of our lives! Plus - PayPal saves the day.

Well folks, the kickstarter funding didn't go through and that's a pity. With it The Photo Palace would have been assured of a quicker and less painful building process. There is nothing however that will stand in the way of this wonderful dream from becoming a reality so I will push on and throw all of my efforts toward seeing it through.

In the wake of the recent news on the funding campaign I can not and will not lose sight of the plethora of positive developments that were enabled by that campaign.
• We are lucky enough to have met many amazing people from so many parts of the world. Some of them are continually working with us now on promoting The Photo Palace and we are eternally grateful for that and hope to build many wonderful working relationships in the upcoming years.
• The publicity gained by the news of our project being featured on as many blogs and community pages as we got is going help us tremendously in the long-run. This is a great first step - now, by the time we will be on the road, we will have a network of photo communities around the globe watching us and maybe even waiting for our arrival. I hope we can be on the road by the end of this Mayan Calendar Long Count.
• All the pledges that we did receive show us that there is already an audience tho believes in us and wants to see this happen - I promise I will not fail them!

In a week or so I am moving to Northern California to join Ryan and The Bus and begin the full scale conversion process. I look forward to the adventure and hope to see many more followers on thhs blog.

For now though :)...

PayPal Saves the Day

Why not take a look at the new 'Support The Vision' tab on the right side of the page?

There you will find a simple PayPal donation button and the funds donated through there will go directly and immediately towards purchases of things like batteries, heaters, wood and many more things we'll need to get this bus in shape.

For your generosity you will be rewarded with the same gifts as we were offering in the kickstarter campaign! (but only for a week on those terms as there are limited edition prints offered there that I still have to make and I have to leave my beautiful Rollov Film Center darkroom behind in San Diego when I move up - after a week we'll have a different reward section added to that page).

If you feel like donating out of the goodness of your heart and don't want a reward simply let us know and all that will happen is an increase in your positive karma. If you would like a reward (and I totally understand and look forward to sending out some prints across the globe) - when you donate please include a message stating which reward you would like and make sure the address is correct on your PayPal account.

Thank You All,
Anton Orlov

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