Monday, February 6, 2012

Construction Update

Anton came with one of our supporters Greg McMahon (who took the picture of us) to bring up the flat-file as well as put in the newly arrived water tanks. The flat-file will hold photographs / art pieces / supplies for shows, lectures and classes.

Plumbing is an important staple for any darkroom and a mobile darkroom is no exception. The tanks were ordered custom to fit in our cargo bay below the floor.

The larger tank is for fresh water which will serve the darkroom print washer, chemical dilutions, and the kitchen/bathroom utilities. The smaller tank is our grey water tank. Together the tanks  hold 135 gallons of water. Of, course, they won't both be full at the same time.
   Only one more tank to go. The Black tank. We want everything involved with that tank to go as smooth as possible.

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