Sunday, December 4, 2011

We passed $500 on Kickstarter - We got the following items for The Bus:

We believe this will work. We have two months - one person tells another and soon the news of The Photo Palace will spread farther than we can imagine!

Meanwhile the film developing sink is on the way along with the stove (that will come in very handy when we need to coat liquid silver emulsions or do anything anything else with gelatin). Plus we ordered some of the main lavatory equipment so that part of construction can begin as soon as possible.

We thank ALL those who have so far helped spread the word and pledged! We Love You!
Let's keep the momentum going and we can all see this idea blossom and bear fruit.

Next step is big... the dreaded Water Tanks. 75 gallons of fresh water is not easy to fit into a cargo bay of a school bus. But just wait and see - it's going to be perfect!
We do need to pass 1500 at least and quick.

Thank You!

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