Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Recap

Well folks 2011 is coming to an end and that calls us to look back at it and reflect.

  I occupied my time working as a photographer/videographer/GD for Carvin - a small local company which apparently makes some really quality sound gear from guitars and basses to amps and mixer - check them out - chances are you'll be looking at my pictures on any page you see.  I started working there in Jan 2010 and it was the most sane and clean environment that I have worked in for a prolonged time up to this point.  I has a huge studio with all the lights I could need.
  Also, in the beginning of he year I acquired a space that was built into a nice 6-station darkroom with a spacious light work room as well.  I spent about a month cleaning and getting it into shape and then re-opened it to the public as Roolv Film Center - a rental darkroom and film educational space.  I had about a dozen students come through whom I taught how to develop and print black and white images the old-school way.  I also offered custom black and white printing and film development.  That experience reinforced my passion for teaching and with the coming to fruition of my long-time dream of a mobile darkroom I now must sadly put RFC on hold for a while and address a bigger audience who are yearning for traditional photographic knowledge.

  For The Photo palace this was a definitive year.  The year which saw the material manifestation of a beautiful dream. After over a decade in hibernation the irreversible step was taken in August with the purchase of the beautiful 1978 Gillis Bus.  The Rubicon was crossed and for the remainder of the year careful planning and preliminary research has taken place.

  Now that the year is drawing to a close the final bridges are being burned and dawn of the new era can be spotted above the horizon of the upcoming 2012.  I look forward toward the light and though I know not of what it will bring, I welcome it with open arms.

  Let there be Joy!

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