Thursday, December 15, 2011

Photo Palace news, a letter from Anton.

Well folks this marks a serious turn in The Photo Palace project.

Today was the last day of my contract as a photographer at Carvin. In the past two years I took over 10,000 images, shot dozens of videos, multiple full page ads and catalog covers and much more. I learned a lot, but above all I learned that my true calling is Art creation and education for without Art it would be a truly sad place to live and without education on that subject the appreciation dwindles and Art becomes subject to commercialization and butchery. Hence I look forward to the future aboard The Photo Palace.

Onward Artist Soldiers!


•Update 1. I feel that if news changes in less than 24 hours it can be reported under the same post, right? So Carvin asked me to stay through the holidays and up to NAMM, which is what I wanted as I need to save all I can so The Photo Palace can be as welcoming and wonderful as I envision it. All works out for the best. ॐ •

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