Friday, December 16, 2011

Inerior vision

Here is an approximate vision for the front room of The Photo Palace - a nice space for workshops and demonstrations. A sink will be hidden under the lid in the table surface in which film can be developed in daylight. When the lid is closed the table is complete like in the image above and it's a nice 10x2ft surface for all the contact printing frames, mat cutter, art on display, macbook pro (you better believe we'll have one of those on board - how else how will we be able to edit the scans of our most recently developed images to keep you all up to date and to send them out to our future models?) and whatever else art-related material that may end up on that sooth wood surface.

We are very thankful to all those who so far have pledged their support to thi project on - every bit helps, and big bits help A LOT.

This post is open for comments - what do you think if the cushions on the left? I was thinking they should be darker, no?


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