Inspiration and Mission

The idea for a traveling darkroom grew out of my passion for traditional film photography in general and the process of making prints by hand in particular. As I most easily find photographic inspiration while on the go it was only natural to envision a setup that would enable me to continually keep on the go and to create my art at the same time. Over time though the vision expanded and solidified, so the following is the current state of the vision which will guide The Photo Palace Bus (TPPB) operations.

• • •
The Photo Palace Bus is intended as an educational space that will spread the knowledge of the techniques and traditions of pre-digital photography.  Thus its focus is on:

1) Providing lectures and demonstrations to keep the public informed about the art of film photography and it's traditions
2) Offering workshops on gelatin silver printing and alternative photo processes in order to pass on the skill sets that have been refined over the previous generations to new audiences of budding artists
3) Holding impromptu and planned photographic shows to expose more people to real physical prints and to re-spark interest in analog photography

• • •

I believe that film is not dead - in fact I believe that the onslaught of digital media overload will eventually drive the public to appreciate the art of traditional manual photography for the magical and unique phenomenon it truly is. With time, it is my hope, more people will come to appreciate the amount of labor and thought that goes into each hand-made print.  The Photo Palace Bus aims to make that time come sooner.

Anton Orlov.

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  1. Anton, I think this concept is fantastic! If ever you were in Orange County, CA I would be happy to bring together a group of photography buffs who would be thrilled to attend your workshops.

    Enjoyed looking at your work along the way....all the best,