Hosting The Photo Palace Bus

   The Photo Palace Bus is happy to make arrangements to visit you and your community wherever that may be.  You can enjoy a private workshop in darkroom techniques or one focused on your personal analog photography needs, a portrait session, a history lecture supplemented by Antons camera and print collection or just go out and shoot with Anton and have a good relaxing time making art in the field.  Just send an e-mail to and we can discuss details of the visit.

   Here are some points that you may want to think about before contacting The Photo Palace Bus with an invitation for a visit:

• Gilli The Bus is 35ft long and makes wide turns so adequate parking is required.  Anton is a pretty confident driver and has taken Gilli over 3000 by now, but some spots are just too tight so please consider that.  Gilli is also 10ft tall, so if the road you live on is covered with overhanging large branches please take a look at them closely and estimate whether or not they may do any roof damage.  Gilli weighs roughly 25.000lbs and so, if parked on the grass, she may leave an impression on your lawn and not just on your creative imagination - please excuse her, she tries her bast to be as low of a disturbance as possible.

• The Photo Palace would love to give you an opportunity to print on board - do keep in mind that darkroom printing relies on water and electricity and in order for the printing session to be comfortable and not constricted it would be great if there was an electrical outlet and a simple garden hose water hook-up within 50-100ft of the parking spot mentioned above.

• If electricity is not available Gilli might need to fire up her generator, so it's a good thing to think about your neighbors and how they would react to that (it's a small generator so it doesn't make as much noise as some, but still).  Water not being readily available is a bigger problem, but Gilli does carry 75 gallons of H2O, which makes a smaller printing session or a workshop possible.

   Gilli and Anton look forward to connection you and coming to your town in the near future.

Contact Anton Orlov:

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  1. Anton you must be commended on your vision. Your prospective on the subject of your passion has so many prospectives and such depth words in the box on this screen just don't have the required breath. But with your exposure on the internet you're about to be inundated with opportunities. Would you consider a tour through south central British Columbia this summer? I would gladly lend a hand with planning and logistics. John Meade, CITT