Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pan American Wet Plate Survery Begins! Indiegogo Campaign Started and New Colloodion Images.

   Second Cross-Country Photo Palace Trip

  Today I left San Diego and headed north.  The goal is to drive The Photo Palace Bus around the perimeter of the country and photograph as much as possible using my new favorite technique - wet plate collodion.  The vision is to create a modern survey of American cultural and physical landscape as seen through the eyes of this immigrant artist.

  I can't help but think of 19th century photographers as Timothy O'Sullivan, Alexander Gardener and all the lesser known (or completely obscure portrait artists) who had traversed this land in their  horse-drawn Tintype Saloons.  Following their path is both exhilarating and a great honor.  

  How have the people and the landscapes changed since that time?  What will the road show me that will be similar to what they saw?  How will working with collodion work while going through parts of the country that are 100°F?  Only time will tell.  For now I am very excited to be in motion and to have the whole trip ahead of me.   Gilli is running wonderfully, temperature in LA is perfect and the forecast is clear.

Funding Campaign
  Last night I launched a new funding campaign campaign on the crowd sourcing site Indiegogo.  There are two goals - to cover at least the basic expenses that will be endured during this project and to distribute some of the images via perks to those who contribute.  While having funds to travel will be essential to completing this approximately 14.000 mi run, having plates go out to supporters will be enormously gratifying to me as an artist as there is nothing I love more than knowing that someone, perhaps half way around the globe, is going to hold one of my images and feel its weight in their hands. 

  I urge all who read this post to CHECK OUT THE CAMPAIGN, spread the word about it far and wide and to contribute what they can.  I can not do this without You and I am eternally grateful for any help that may be offered.

New Collodion Images

  On a more literary note.  A short wile ago I was lucky enough to get a 7x17 Korona view camera.  Sadly I had to let it go due to circumstances beyond my control, but during this brief time I had a chance to make the biggest plates that I have attempted so far and got thoroughly addicted to a panoramic format.  The modified plate holder was able to hold 6x16in plates and I made three successful images, which I present for your view below.  The last one was my first attempt at working with collodion in a studio setting.  Having such slow emulsion provided some difficulties, but what is life without learning and overcoming difficulties?  Contact me if you wish to purchase any of these original plates.  Chances are these will be the only 6x16 Ambrotypes I will ever produce (currently I am working on getting a different panoramic view camera, but it will be of a different format).

 Lillian, 6x16 Ambrotype on ruby glass

Xenia, 6x16 Ambrotype on ruby glass

Irene, 6x16 Ambrotype on ruby glass

  Tomorrow I am planning on meeting a very tallented photographer who also works with collodion in Ventura CA.   The quality of his work has fascinated me since I saw it and I very much look forward to seeing the plates in person, interviewing him and then relating my experience to you.

Anton Orlov

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