Saturday, December 15, 2012

Minor Update: Darkroom, Planning + Kenneth

  The past few days have been filled with darkroom time.  I am printing up a storm of images from Japan, Guatemala and Nepal - those where the most popular images during my first journey and I'm making more to sell on the road during the second run.  I recently found a little stash of Luminos Pastel Red RC paper at a local store and was thrilled when the 11x14 pack was still good and printed well.  The pack of 20x24 is definitely fogged from age and will have to be printed using lith developer - I do wonder how that's going to work with red base.  If it turns out well I will place one of the images in Gilli's window.  Here is a shot of one of the 11x14 prints. Architecture and other non-organic subjects seem to work best with this paper.

  This little bundle of joy finally came in handy as well. A bottle of Kodak Anti-fog No.1 that I found in my San Diego darkroom with the lot of chemistry included in the purchase of the space.  Containing benzotriazole as the active ingredient this addition to developing agents knocks back the age-fog pretty well.  I used it on the old pack of Oriental paper and was able to clear up the whites.

  Planning of the second trip is moving ahead as well.  I am in contact with a few photographers that I would like to visit and interview.  Some of them work in wet-plate processes and, along with interviewing them, I would love to learn as much from them as possible during the visit.  I'm waiting on a lot of replies as well - I think folks might be too busy with Holiday Season...  

  There is still plenty of time to support the interview project and the second journey in general, so jump in if you have not already done so.  I am extremely thankful to the first 10 people who have contributed so far - Major Kudos To You!

• • •

  At this point I would like to touch on a much sadder note - on Wednesday 12/12/12 a good friend of mine Kenneth Julio Moilean died in a single car accident in Northern California town of Arcata.  Most of my readers have not had a pleasure of knowing him, but I feel this very much deserves an entry in this journal-style blog because I am deeply touched by this event.
  Ken was a true friend and tomorrow a group of people who were part of his circle of friends will attend a memorial in Balboa Park here in San Diego.  At the same time there will be a similar gathering up in Arcata.  I know Ken touched a lot of lives with his upbeat and kind personality and a lot of people are currently grieving his passing.  He was an adventurous soul, a true dreamer and one of the most sincere people I had known in my life.  He had a strong interest in space exploration and an even stronger one in making this world a better, kinder place.  His smile was contagious and the light in his eyes shone brightly for all who took a moment to see it.  Rest in peace dear brother - may the stars open up to you like you have always wanted them to.

• <3 •

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