Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rainbow B&W and Reisterstown Fuji FP100c Photographs

  Well, my stay in wonderful Reisterstown MD is coming to an end today.  My host Bonnie has been an absolute delight and I may just find myself back here again someday.  For now it's off toward Maine for Gilli and I - we are going to try to make it to Maine by early next week and we have a long way to go and a lot of interesting things to encounter on the way.

  Here are a few images that have been captured using the wonderful Fuji instant film FP100c and the old, but reliable Polaroid 600SE camera with a Mamiya 127 lens.  Rolleiflex images await development.

  Two nights ago I stayed up late and printed these two images from this years Rainbow Gathering.  I used Oriental F2 Fiber paper with semi-mat surface that is very similar to that of old Agfa 118.  Since there is no date on the package I have to estimate the age of the paper, but my guess is that it is at least 20 years old.  I decided to put some extra effort into these, even though it was already past 3am by the time I got done printing and washing them, and toned all the prints in Selenium toner, which gave them a wonderful extra depth and upped the d-max by quite a lot since I purposefully did not use a hardening fixer.  Both images are Rolleiflex capture on Kodak Verichrome Pan, image area is 10x10in and edition number is 3 each.

Admittedly I am finding myself printing and shooting a bit less than originally envisioned due to having to take care of everything bus-related 1005 on my own rather than relying on a helpful partner.  It is also terribly inconvenient to take pictures while driving Gilli - I can do pretty well with the camera when driving a car, but this is a whole different story.  Hopefully that will change soon and a lot more images will emerge from this venture.

Wishing a good fun-filled weekend to all my readers,

P.S. It seems that good fortune is on my side yet again and Gilli and I have just found a gracious host in upstate NY for this weekend.  It is my old and dear friend Mahandeep whom I met at the Wyoming Rainbow Gathering back in 2008.  I am extremely grateful for her invitation and am very excited to see her and her family.

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