Monday, June 4, 2012

Midnight - decisive time

The clock just struck midnight and a thought occurred to me that I have not posted anything for a while and that You deserve an update.  I'll be succinct as there is still a lot of work to do and I mentioned the time already.

The darkroom is finished - light-tight, plumbed and ready for all the equipment. I am not bringing it in until the last nail is in so that a major round of cleaning can occur between construction and printing.

The battle of the doors have been won - resin, the enemy, is in full retreat and 4 of 5 photo-mural-doors have been successfully cured.  I will leave the honor of the last battle to Ryan, as it is his artwork, but the counter now is complete.  Ryan's door is the very last touch before declaration of front-space completion can be proclaimed.

Bus graphics are coming along as well and they should go onto The Bus immediately prior to departure.

And.... Are you ready for this? Personally, I think you might have been ready for a while.  We are soon to have our own website dedicated to all the activities that we will be involved in.  WOW!  There will be an old-fashioned blog section (of course), a place for You to see what images have been created in the darkroom of The Photo Palace Bus, a section for artists represented by Bus3 Gallery and much much more.  For now, there's a lot of minor physical work left on The Bus and that is splitting the attention from populating our future site with content, but the structure is there - HUGE thanks for that work to Ryan-the-webmaster!

Well, I hope You are not disappointed that I have no pictures in this update.  I have no patience any more to process iPhone pictures since the darkroom is finished an I did promise Ryan to wait for him to make the first print, so I'll hold true there.  I did process some 120 and 35mm negatives* of The Bus taken during the construction in Rollov Film Center and those will be the first images printed in it - Can't Wait!

Back to being a graphic designer I go for a little while. 

Hope Everyone is going to wake up to a beautifully productive and fun week!


*negatives note - my Leica M3 apparently decided to act up in a major way and on the higher speeds is hanging up the rear shutter resulting in a good percentage of basically ruined negative... Sad that it had to do it right before the trip as I was really counting on this baby.  I guess I'll lighten my load and once again turn to a much more inconspicuous Kodak Retina IIIc - Schneider is not Leitz, but it'll do when in a pinch and the M3 will be back in action soon enough.

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