Friday, November 25, 2011

My First Post - The day I met my destiny.

Hello world,

This is my first post. It is filled with real Polaroid photographs from the day when I met my new destiny.

For 33 years I have been a school bus - driving kids back and forth to and from school with an occasional field trip here and there. I was loved very much and maintained for a number of years for use only during parades and other special events. When I had to be discharged from my original district there was a party held in my honor and to say goodbye to me some teachers came out of retirement.

On a sunny July day in 2011 I met my new owners - Anton Orlov and Ryan Kalem. They are die-hard photographic artists and are now building me up to be The Photo Palace! I will feature a darkroom with two enlargers and a fold-out north light studio. I will travel the country and host demonstrations and workshops on the art of traditional photography, participate in art events all over the country and hold free portraiture sessions everywhere I go. This is very exciting and I can't wait to hit the road.

Currently I reside in the mountains above Santa Cruz. Please watch for updates on the building progress and drop a line if you would like to be the first to be visited by me when I'm ready to go.

Enjoy the pictures - real Polaroids are hard to find these days and I'm honored to have had my likeness captured with such unique and rare medium.

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