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Here is a Wish List of things I'd love to add to The Photo Palace, but lack the funds to do so at the moment:

• Vintage and antique cameras, lenses and other photo equipment.  I love working with period-appropriate equipment and so am always on the lookout for things like old wooden cameras, brass lenses, studio props and a lot of other random photo ephemera.  Do you have a camera collecting dust in the attic, or a darkroom that hasn't been used for 40 years (I have actually seen those), or a lens maybe that looks good on your mantel right now but you know it's just is begging to be used - well, drop me a line and I'll be happy to give those items a well-deserved new life.

• Old B&W paper and film.  As you might have already gathered I love shooting old cameras using period films and printing them on vintage papers.  My favorite B&W films include Kodak Ektapan, Panatomic-X, Technical Pan and Verichrome Pan, Agfa APX 25, 100 or 400 any and all Polaroid Films of any format.  Papers are too many to list - Luminos, Agfa, Kodak, Gevart, GAF, Dupont.... just no Resin Coated please - only fiber-base.  If your paper does not say Fiber or RC anywhere on the box chances are it was made before RC even came onto the scene and it's Fiber.  Paper can be mailed to my base in San Diego, or I can stop by (if you are on the way) and pick it up myself.  Please contact me through the email at the bottom of this page and let me know what you have and where you are.  In return you will get one of my prints done on your donated paper!

• RV Rooftop Air Conditioning Unit - installed.  By gosh it can get HOT in the bus!  I have worked in the darkroom in 99°F temperature and I can tell you it's no picnic.  A rooftop AC would be heavenly and would help greatly to keep the chemistry and paper from spoiling and it will make it a much more pleasant place to be for my students.  Unfortunately the cost including installation is about $7.000...  Any ideas?

• Photo Art!  Bus3 Gallery is looking for artists to be represented by The Bus.  Alternative process prints such as Salt, Gum, Carbro prints and others are welcomed.  I'd love to find an Autochrome as well - there's nothing like looking at one of these live, but so far I have not come upon one that I could buy.

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