Here is your chance to contribute to the monumental mission.  The Photo Palace Bus is a privately-run venture that relies heavily upon public support.  Develop the Philanthropist in You and click on the link below to donate any amount You feel comfortable with.

The Photo Palace is looking for ongoing sponsorship - in exchange You or Your firm will be offered promotional opportunities in the form of advertising space on The Photo Palace Bus itself.  Your logo and information will be viewed by thousands of photographic enthusiasts and baffled onlookers across USA and, eventually, around the Globe.  Please feel free to contact The Photo Palace Bus for further details.

Thank You.

Individual Supporters List.

  These are the wonderful folks who have offered their support so far.  The names appear in alphabetical order and not according to the size of the donations.  We appreciate every effort by philanthropists like you and fully understand that donations are made according to personal means, but with with the same good spirit at the root.  If you would like to remain anonymous, please attach a message along with your donation and your name will not appear here:

Britt A.
Amanda B.
Brian B.
Garry B. 
Gregory M.
Gregory G.
Gustavo G.
Indra M. 
Marco B. 
Mary C. 
Anita D.
Rebecca F.
Jamie H.
Barbara H.
Sander H.
Rachel J. 
Natella K.
Nina K.   
William K.
Tori K.  
Kevin H.
Kimberly L.
Kristof L. x3!
Korina M.
Harry N.
Irina O. 
Irina Z.
Linka O.
William O.
Elizabeth R.
David R.
Tim R.
Wilfredo R.
Ginger S.
Violeta T
Sieglinde V.
Jozlynn S.
Devra G.
Terry B.

Anonymous: 1 

Special Thanks From Anton Orlov
 A series of Very Special Thanks has to be paid here to those who supported The Photo Palace Bus during construction:

• Thanks to my family for their continued positive influence and support. 

• Huge thanks go out to those who have been gracious enough to let The Bus be parked on their properties during construction- we are forever grateful to the Messa, McGuire, Hack and, of course, Kalem family for putting up with us for as long as we needed.  The community of Riva Ridge was also very kind in issuing a one-time exemption which allowed The Bus to be parked by the wood shop for 4 weeks - those weeks were the most productive and helped out a lot. The Bus will always remember those days in the redwoods and all the beauty that surrounded it.  I had nothing but great experiences and felt very welcomed - thank You so much for making the building faze seem like a vacation in the woods at times.

• Separate thanks to Lee Kalem - Ryan's father.  His mechanical and electrical expertise was tremendously helpful and without his guidance we would have been lost many many times.  He was extremely kind in that he actually did the most difficult and precise steps associated with electrical components of The Bus himself - insuring that at least those links in our system will not be the ones that kill us.  His hospitality was also beyond reproach and I can never thank him enough for it.