Custom Lens Caps

  I am glad to offer this unique service for all those who have beautiful brass or more modern lenses and would like to have equally beautiful lens caps to cover them with.
  These caps are made with utmost attention to detail paid and in quality match those originally supplied with vintage lenses in 19th century.  Caps are made of high-grade black leather and with either black or red velvet on inside.  They are manufactured in Eastern Europe and I am the sole distributor world-wide.  Prices below include shipping anywhere in the world.
  Please be sure to measure the diameter you need in millimeters (not inches). I find that a caliper is the best tool for this, but lacking that a simple ruler does the trick very well.  If you lens hood is not perfectly round I suggest measuring it at the narrowest and widest points and then maybe averaging the two dimensions, but slightly closer to the widest point.
  Usually lens caps are made with 20mm side walls, but if you need it more shallow please let us know during checkout in a message on Paypal.  
  Caps with a diameter of 151mm and larger are made with a small round handle in the middle to make them easier to take off and hold in your hand.  If you don't want a handle - please let us know that during checkout as well.
  Because these caps are custom made to size after you order them it will take approximately a week or so for your cap(s) to ship out. 
  NOTE - sometimes the caps are just a little too tight.  Simply put them on and leave them on for a few days or a week and they will stretch out.  After all, it's better to have the cap start out a bit tight and stretch out than to have it too loose and have the wind blow it off...
Prices are in US$ and including worldwide shipping are as follows:
10-70mm - $58
71-100mm - $70
101-150mm - $104
151-200mm - $130
201-250mm - $166
Larger than 251mm - prices quoted by direct contact only

After pressing Buy Now button be sure to include in the Paypal message:
1) Exact outside diameter of your lens or lens hood for which the cap should be made - this information is a must-have!
2) If you want red or black velvet.  If you do not note this the cap will have red velvet, so this information is optional.
3) If you want a shorter wall than 20mm.  Also optional information, if you do not make a note of this your cap will have 20mm wall.
4) If you are ordering a cap that is 151mm or larger and  DO NOT want a handle in the middle let us know .  More optional information - you you're ordering caps larger than 151 they will automatically have a handle.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email -

ALSO NOTE: If you would like to get a price that is 3-15% lower than the ones quoted here please contact us directly.  Prices here are bunched in groups, while via direct contact we can give you exact price for your size.

Lens Cap 10-70mm $58

Lens Cap 71-100mm $70

Lens Cap 101-150mm $104

Lens Cap 151-200mm $130

Lens Cap 201-250mm $166

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